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    Default Driveway approach angle too steep and bumper sc****s street

    My house is on a hill ,resulting in a driveway with a steep approach angle. The street is formed by an extruded concrete curb and drainage channel, with asphalt pavement filling between curbs.

    My wifes car bumper sc****s the every time she enters and leaves the driveway as the wheels enter this drainage channel.

    We tried filling the drainage channel by applying a bonding agent and filling with concrete laid over the citys curb. The runoff now flows around the patch. This improved the situation greatly, but we should have been more aggressive in building the height and width to totally solve the problem. Now after 3 years, the water is managing to seep under the concrete patch and its cracking away in sections.

    We can't make a proper revision to the apron, as it would encroach onto the city street, nor can we dig up the city's curb to rebuild the end as a one piece concrete slab. Any suggestions ,or a product that will stay in place when laid over the concrete? Iím told asphalt wont hold with the running water.
    Phot taken before the concrete patch was applied
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