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    Default radiator leaking at joint

    I have a one-pipe cast iron radiator that leaks at the joint where the steam enters the radiator(not at the shutoff valve or the steam regulator). I have tightened the nut, but it still leaks.

    Floor damage indicates that this is an ongoing problem in the house, which I recently purchased.

    Is there something (teflon tape, etc.) that will help stop the leak? I intend to pull it apart and drain it out, but wanted to know if there's a recommended material to stop the leak.

    I also have a similar small leak in the basement at one of the joints. I think the heat guy said to seal it off with silicone caulk. Is that recommended?

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    Default Re: radiator leaking at joint

    You should be able to use Teflon tape on the threads to seal up the leak. Just be careful when you take things apart as on old radiators things tend to get stuck and can break off if you aren't careful. If the joint in the basement is also threaded use the Teflon tape there too. I don't know if I would keep that heating guy around to much longer I have no idea why he would tell you to put caulk to stop the leak. It would be a temporary fix at best in my opinion. Hope this helps you out.


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