When we had our new floors installed we didn't know any better and paid the floor guy to put our wood baseboards in throughout the house. We had our baseboards all ready - painted with oil-based paint and ready to go, so we just let him do it since he was there and offered. We now know that we should've hired a TRIM guy - go figure.
So....we now have our pretty white 5" baseboards installed (when i say installed I just mean nailed in - we had to caulk them ourselves)and they just look bad. The corners don't meet up exactly right and where they meet the door frames it's the same thing. And they still have many of the nails showing. I used plain old white caulk (that's what the installer said to do) to cover some of them, but after a while I realized that this couldn't be right so I stopped.
My question is this - what do we do now? Do we use wood filler to cover up the remaining nail holes and to try to make the corners look better? Then sand and repaint with the same oil-based paint? OR - would it be best to hire a trim person to come in and fix it? I don't even know if anyone would take it on.
Oh that we had done our research and known the difference btwn a floor installer and a trim installer.....