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    Default Looking for vintage tile sources.

    Hi. I have a 1940's cape cod. Some day, I'm going to re-tile the bath, but in the near future, I'd prefer to fix 2 tiles that an electrician destroyed when he accidently poked through the wall completely with his hammer drill. argh.

    I don't need a 100% match or an actual vintage tile, but something that says, hey, he made a reasonable attempt to make it look good.

    They are a dark red almost maroon at the base of the wall. The have a cove profile on the bottom edge and are 4.25 inches wide and 5 inches tall. I figured, worst case I could cut a 6x6 tile down if this isn't a normal size.

    On the floor there are several hexagon tiles along the edge that were cracked too. They appear to abe about 2 inches or so and are an off white. sort of a creamy color with a touch of yellow.

    Are there any good ****** tile distributors that might have something like this?

    Any advice on extracting the tile? I have a fein multimaster and some grout blades, so I figured I'd extract the old tiles and go from there.

    I also imagine worst case, If I can't find a 5 inch tile, I could try to use the multimaster to cut the bottom 4 inches off and only replace that..


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    Default Re: Looking for vintage tile sources.

    No advice?

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    Default Re: Looking for vintage tile sources.

    There are some places that will recreate tiles. Google search on tile restoration or similar searches and you'll find some. I'm trying to match tile on my hearth and it's proving difficult. I might be trying to use a tile matching service myself.

    Here's one I found on a search.

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