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    Default Storm doors for sliding glass doors

    Is there such a thing? I was told when I had an energy audit that I could purchase a storm door for my sliding glass doors. I looked ****** at Home Depot and at Lowes, but could not find them.
    Does anyone use them or know about them...where to purchase, see prices?


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    Default Re: Storm doors for sliding glass doors

    yes actually sliding storms. a second set of window panels and tracks including the operable or sliding panels installed outside of the original and without a screen. all the panels slide making cleaning easier between the panels and the inside side of the normally fixed storm panels and the outside side of the primary fixed panel, but the fixed panels have locking/release tabs for when they are pushed back into place. they are storm only not security as they release from the outside and the operable panel does not lock securely just has a similar lever tab which releases from the inside side.

    we had them installed on a brick faced condo/apartment balcony we owned years ago for a 8' high set of extra wide sliders with center slider and fixed panels either side. it made a world of difference and was much cheaper then special ordering the oversized modern replacement triple glazed new slider system and we felt it worked much better as neighbors on the same floor and exposure had done. we were allowed to use the darkend reflecting glass and is the only reason why it was an option for south and west exposure for us otherwise heat built up between the two would have caused problems to the primary units which were double glazed. the thing is you do have to use them closed in any windy condition as if they are not completely closed you get howling winds and the forces can actually force the panels out of the track and sail away if they are not closed and locked into place. the storms can cause drainage issues from the primary
    door/window's unless you have them set higher with a compound sill so you need to keep them closed even on less windy days if there is any chance of rain or snow.

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