I have a Cistern in my 93 year old house in NE Indiana. It was filled at some point in the past, but it doesn't look like it was done right. Oh and it's HUGE. I had my sewer line dug up for repairs next to the cistern and it looks like about 6ft diameter and 9ft deep.

1. There is a pipe from the Cistern to the basement that leaks water when it rains really hard.
2. The fill sand has settled some and the cement cap is broken.

There's a lot of clay in this area, so even if the bottom was broken it might not drain into the ground fast enough. All of the original down spouts that used to fill the cistern hae been plugged.

I want to fix this for safety and wet basement annoyance reasons. I also want to salvage some of the brick if possible. Any thoguhts?