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    Default Old Faucet Constantly Dripping

    I live in an old Craftsman style home (1920s-30s, maybe), and the bathroom faucet keeps dripping, but I'm not sure how to fix it. We have a shelf-back style lavatory and faucet, so it is a vertical mount faucet, rather than your standard deck mount. It looks like they are Kohler products, although I would guess they are original to the house, so obviously no warranty.

    It doesn't appear that we have water shut-offs under the sink, either, which makes it more challenging to take the faucet apart.

    I've attached a picture of what a new version of our faucet looks like (except ours has a pop-out for the drain). Any ideas would be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Old Faucet Constantly Dripping

    You should be able to disassemble the valves and install new seat washers. Turn off the water at the angle stops under the sink OR the house main before attempting this repair.

    New seat washers come in a variety pack at any hardware store.
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    Default Re: Old Faucet Constantly Dripping

    Turn the water off, place a wash rag in the sink to keep parts from going down the drain. Pop the screw cover off of the handle remove the screw and handle. Remove the bonnet nut and pull the stem out. remove the old seat washer by removing the screw, install a new set washer (pick up at almost all hardware stores). Reassemble with new packing and turn the water on.
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