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    Default partition walls without pressure treated wood

    I'm in the middle of a basement remodeling project and I've failed my building inspection because I did not use pressure treated wood on the bottom plate of the walls.

    The inspector suggested 2 options:

    1. replace the bottom plates with pressure treated wood
    2. treat the bottom plates with a wood sealer

    I can't find any product designed for the second suggestion. Was he mistaken or is there a product out there to do this? Using outdoor sealers isn't an option because the ventilation is not nearly good enough in the basement.

    I'm currently planning to try to pull out the bottom plate, but I'm wondering if there is some easier option out there.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: partition walls without pressure treated wood

    Be aware that your building inspector is doing you a favor by offering you the "treat the bottom plates with a wood sealer" alternative. Most inspectors wouldn't do that because they know the applied preservative probably isn't reaching the bottom where rot begins.

    That said, simply go to your local home improvement or paint supply store, describe your situation and ask them for a good, and reasonably odor free, wood preservative and count your lucky stars.
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