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Thread: Bifold Doors

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    Default Bifold Doors

    Need advise on installing Bifold doors that are too wide for opening by 1/2" on each door. I want to trim to fit. Is triming with a circular saw ok? I'm a beginner so go easy on me please.

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    Yes you can use a circular saw to trim the doors. Just make sure you use a guide on the saw or a straight edge so that you don't get a curve in the edge of the door. You will also need to use either a plane and/or sander to smooth up the cut edge. The circular saw will make a cut that is too messy to leave on an interior door.

    Good Luck.

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    To make the doors look right if they are louvered or raised panel, cut a even amount off of each side rather than all from one side. A cheap straight edge you can pick up at any building supply store is a steel stud, plus they're cheap.
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