Working on a clients home for a simple digital tv tiling issue uncovered and ugly neutral issue..When disconnecting the cable tv service to the home the lights in the home dim and many smaller apliances and control panels were fried and destroyed. I called in some favors and had the elctrical supplier and a master electritian (and heating guy)come to the home...We found the meter on one end of the house had a spliced bond and the ground wire disapeared under an old house addition concrete slab..the new electrical panel in the main basement has a cold water clamp w/6 gauge wire into the panel..problem was when following the cold water line, it went to pvc to the well water no proper bond there...pounded a new 8 foot copper rod at the meter and disconnected old bondwire and connected the new ground wire to cable tv seemed ok...unlike at first...then attempted to disconnect cable tv service again and the dimming and damage to the house side was even worse....the electrical provider dispatched a truck to replace service drop to house, with the intent to eliminate any issues with their service and I replaced the cable tv service drop to the we are left with this huge question mark and once all of this is completed then the costly part will be isolating and fixing the neutral issue inside the clients home...ANY IDEAS AND OR SOLUTIONS!!!!