Hi everyone. Thanks for everyone's participation in this board. It's great.
My problem started when we pulled up carpet to put down wood floors in our den. The den meets the kitchen (which has tile floors) in an archway. The baseboard goes seamlessly through the den into the kitchen. The kitchen has white shoe molding trimming out the baseboard. The wood floors came with matching 1/4 round (a different size from the white shoe molding).

The wood floor and the tile meet with a T-molding piece that looks very nice. Everything looks great except the joint of the stained 1/4 round and the white shoe molding.

I've searched the internet, DIY books, etc., and asked the friendly people at the local stores for ideas, but no luck.

Are there any suggestions on what to do or how to transition from one room to the other? Are there any decorative trim pieces that would work? Has anyone encountered this problem before?

I'm open to any suggestions and appreciate all help.