I have a lot of experience with home improvement but have never done any wiring. I would like to add outlets and some switches to existing circuits for a basement renovation.

I have started to do some reading and understand that a circuit is composed of a loop with the hot lead supplying power out to the devices and the neutral providing a return route (and the ground providing a secondary return to the neutral bus bar).

If I want to add an outlet, or several outlets in between two existing outlets, do I have to provide conductors out to and back from the new devices, or can I simply provide the hot, neutral and ground out to the new devices like a branch off the existing loop?

I hope this question is clear.

By the way, since this is my first electrical project, I will do all the conduit work (I'm in Chicago) and rough wiring, but will hire an electrician to do the finish work to check what I have done. Still, I would like to do it right from the first.

Thanks in advance.