I am installing a direct vent fireplace in a new construction home. I have a large 15ft high interior chase covered with stone in my 1st floor great room that serves as the fireplace. The chase also houses a wood stove chimney pipe (using Simpson Duravent) for the basement wood stove. I have lined the chase with 2 layers of 5/8" firecode drywall to meet 1hour requirements. I am now read to install the 1st floor direct vent gas fireplace. My HVAC installer provided me a gas outlet in the chase, that has a gas valve in the chase. It is my understanding that you have to be able access the gas valve from outside the fireplace. I do have a shutoff on the gas manifold in the basement as a backup. What is the proper way to get gas to the direct vent fireplace? Does a valve have to be outside the fireplace? Is there any problem with the gas line in the same chase as the wood stove chimney pipe?