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    Question Sears Craftsman Garage Door opener

    Our garage door won't stay closed, as soon as we close it, it opens right back up.
    Any help would be appreciated..thankyou!

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    Default Re: Sears Craftsman Garage Door opener

    1. Downward pressure setting may need adjustment
    2. Travel stops may need adjustment
    3. Obstruction sensors may need to be cleaned, repositioned, wires reattached

    Consult your owners manual for specifics on each of these adjustments or contact your local service center.
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    Default Re: Sears Craftsman Garage Door opener

    My first thought would be to adjust the downward pressure. (see photo) As I understand it Sears openers are repackaged, Lift Master openers like mine. (And a Sears one I installed for the current ex in her new townhouse after we split the sheets.. lol) ………… Anyway you should see a couple of adjustment screws. Insert a flat blade screw driver into the “down” screw hole and back it off bit by bit from the arrow direction. If that does not work consult your owners manual……. If you do not have one a Goggle search will probably find one.

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