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    Default Help with LOUD BANG!!!

    Ok, here is the situation. My girlfriend and I bought this home back in July. Its an older home, 1929, with a gas boiler and radiators for heat.

    We turned our heat on around the beginning of October. There has been, on multiple occasions, a VERY loud bang, almost like an explosion that makes the entire house and windows shake and rattle. I had a friend over who is an HVAC guy and he told me that he never heard of this before. We proceeded to bleed all the radiators, he checked the flame in the boiler, he checked the air flow in the chimney and we he couldn't find ANYTHING to cause this. He called his father who has been in the business a lot longer and he said it sounded like a pressure problem and asked us to bleed the overflow tank in the basement, we did that. It seemed better but now I heard it again this morning and a few times prior. 3 times today already....5:30am, 5:42 and 6:28! It seems to happen more in the early morning than any other time!

    Now I am ASSUMING this is being caused by the heating system since we didn't hear anything like this until we turned the heat on.

    To me, it's not a pressure issue, it literally sounds like a gas explosion. It shakes the house, makes the windows rattle...I need help with this soon. It is sending a very un-easy feeling through both of us and it doesn't seem safe here at home. Please HELP ASAP with any answers or concerns....

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    Default Re: Help with LOUD BANG!!!

    Don't mess around with something like this---get a service person in there ASAP to check it out---especially anything to do with the boiler gas valve, gas piping and pilot light.

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