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    Default chimney liner problem

    I have a 6inch flex liner I'm trying to get down a 7inch clay tile lined chimney. It's going about 6-8 ft. and then hitting the misaligned clay tile joints. It's a 20 foot straight shot right thru the middle of the house but I'm stuck.I tried a nose cone on the end with me pushing and them pulling and still no luck. How do I get this down the chimney? Do I have to open up the chimney at the misaligned joints or is there a way to break out the obstructions? Anyone have any similar projects or experiences I can use your help. Thanks

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    Default Re: chimney liner problem


    If you can get your arm in the lower portion of the chimney via the cleanout, etc., you should be able to attach a wire to one end of the liner & gradally pull it through.

    I like to use a long piece of 3-wire romex--drill 3 equidistant holes in the liner to attach & pull it with short, jerking motions from the bottom.

    To avoid making 100 trips up & down the roof it's a lot easier to have a helper feed the liner from the top.
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