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    Question Does Argon Gas and Thickness Matter

    Something was brought to my attention that made some sense to me but this is not my area of expertise. All windows including those you pay over $10,000 for will lose the argon gas. You pay much more because if you do lose that argon gas or something happens to the windows they are replaced. I cannot afford Lifetime windows and have been looking for some good quality but not a break your wallet windows. The sales rep also told me that weather I get a 5/8in, 3/4in, or a 7/8in windows it doesn’t matter because the gas will escape at sometime and that the more important thing is make sure they are Low E. Does this seem accurate? Can I purchase a low cost 5/8in Low E with Argon and get the same performance as a 7/8in Low E with Argon? The windows I was looking at were the Atrium 5700 (5/8in) vs the Atrium 450(7/8in). The 450 does have some extras which I don’t have with me at the moment. As far as my climate, I live out in the desert and have over 100 degree summers and as low as 15 degree winters.

    Any Comments and Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Does Argon Gas and Thickness Matter

    I'll say energy efficient windows have been the norm for well over 20 years around these parts. There have been many configurations which includes dual and triple pane gas filled Low E units ........ Argon is the most common for cost consideration.
    The Low E component is as valuable ( in cases can be more valuable ) as any gas fill.

    To say the Argon will leak out is something that would be controlled by the manufacturing process and materials used....... bottom line ..... you get what you pay for.

    You might check this link for good information to educate yourself and be able to ask the "sales rep. " to provide you more valuable information.
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