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    I have some 18 inch wide pine boards recently milled to 3/4 inches. The boards themselves are about 25 years old and have been well stored. Lengths are 14 - 16 feet. I plan to cover an approx rectangle of 200 sf. I believe the carpet now present is on a plywood subfloor. these are square cut (not T&G) and I plan to lay them out and nail with old style square nails.

    Sounds simple so where can I go wrong? Do I need a vapor barrier? any tricks for transitions with door ways? Relativley soft pine but a low traffic area for the most part. What's the best finish?

    Thanks all.

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    Yes, you should use a vapor barrier, 15 lb. felt will work. Second I would finish the boards on all sides and ends to help stabilize the wood. If it is not quarter sawn it is going to have a tendency to cup, sealing will help limit that.I prefer "Old Masters" oil based poly. It's a durable, hard finish and has great self leveling properties. Stay away from Minwax products, IMHO in recent years they have become crap.
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