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    Default small leak after I flush toilet

    After I flush my toilet I notice a small yet constant trickle of water that comes out of the rim hole closest to the tank.

    I've replaced the flush valve, tank gasket and overflow valve. I then did the food coloring test where you put a few drops of food color in the tank to check for leaks and I didn't get any color in the bowl.

    This trickle of water will last for about two or three hours then finally stop.

    Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: small leak after I flush toilet

    Pull the small fill hose off the overflow pipe and see if it still is trickling down. This will at least determine if it is from the fill valve.
    Also since you have replaced everything, this is probably not the problem, but make sure the fill hose sets up over the overflow pipe and not down in it as it could siphon water from the tank.

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