This weekend, I removed a no longer functional electrostatic air cleaner and replaced it with an 'Air Bear' filter housing.
In the course of this work, I had to disconnect the condensate drain for the A/C coil. My brother, who was helping me, remarked that there was no trap in that drain. I immediately put that on my to do list, but it occurs to me that I need more information.
Now that the heat is on here in Western NY, I was surprised how much warm air comes out of this opening (DUH!?!)
So here's my question. The line is 3/4" copper. How big do I have to make the loop (trap) in order to prevent warm air from leaking past it in the winter and still allow it to drain in the summer when the A/C is on?
Based on the air flow coming from that, it would seem that any water that would be left in the trap after the summer season would be eventually evaporated sometime during the heating season, so my second question would be is there a way to prevent that?
I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this question.