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    I am remodeling my kitchen and have removed two interior non load bearing walls and part of the ceiling. When we removed part of the ceiling there are 2 x 8 ceiling joists running perpendicular to the scissor trusses above. We cut those in half because we are going to create a soffit affect in part of the kitchen and vault the remaining part. What I need to know is can we attach additional framework to the scissor trusses above to support the 2x 8's to create the soffit? or do i have to finish removing the 2x 8 joists completely and replace it with 2x4. The ceiling joists are not structural, they were put in to support the ceiling only

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    i fear you might be gravely mistaken regarding the structural significance of the previously continuous 2x8" ceiling joists you cut through tieing in the walls they rested on. you should consult an architect or structural engineer.

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