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    Unhappy Never as simple as it seems! HELP!

    We want to install hardwood floors in our living and dining rooms; however, there is a slight leveling difference between the 2 rooms (about 1/4 - almost 1/2 inch). This difference was not noticeable under carpet! (surprise to us)!

    When we investigated the cause (and possible solution), it was found that the former owners replaced and sistered some beams (termite problem). The replaced beams required jacking up the floor. When they did this...we believe they jacked up the one floor higher than the other and did not correct the problem once the beam was replaced.

    They also placed a framed wall from one end of the basement to the other--and this wall supports the sistered beams. UGH!!!!

    We began planning to remove the framed wall and replace the sistered beams; however, when we looked closely at the work required--we crinched with confusion. See attached photos.

    The 2 major issues are:

    1) there are many electrical wires directed through the beams (across the basement's ceiling); and
    2) the dishwasher's disposal line goes through many beams to the main disposal line.

    We would like to replace the beams, rewire the electrical lines, and correct the disposal line--however, we don't know where to begin! We thought of ripping the entire basement ceiling down and starting over; however that is quite costly.

    In an effort to determine if this is a project in which we can undertake, we have decided to seek guidance/recommendations from others who may have experienced this same/similar problem.

    Our challenge in this project is that we are trying to complete the project ourself to save money for the hardwood floors and other needs around the house.

    We have a team of 6 strong family members ready to tackle this project.

    Thank you for your suggestions/recommendations!
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