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    Default Mitering crown molding

    The kitchen walls are square. The corner cabinet is a 45 degree angle and I have a 5 inch crown molding. The question is the cut for the corner cabinet a compund miter cut? How do you cut the cabinet on a straight run.
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    Default Re: Mitering crown molding

    Here's a link to a fairly comprehensive tutorial on crown molding, including compound angle tables. But you first need to determine what the "spring angle" of your particular molding is. That means he angle that is formed between the wall and the backside of the molding when it's properly oriented. it is common for crowns to be 38/52 degree spring, but other angles are possible, but the compound table needs that data point as the first input.
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    Default Re: Mitering crown molding

    there are two most common angles for sprung crown, 38-52 which is the standard for american crown. in canada we mostly see the crown at 45 deg.

    if your talking about making a scarf joint, most professional trim carpenters will scarf their trim on a 30 degree cut. it doesnt provide as large a glue surface as a 45 deg cut however where the cut isnt as long it makes it less susceptible to shrinkage and is stronger
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