Does anyone have any suggestions on what steps should be used when painting redwood decking? Here's my situation: I live in Hawaii, on the Big Island at the 3100' elevation and have a 700 SF redwood deck. Our climate can range from hot/sunny/cold/wet/windy all within a few days time. We tried stain, both transparent and semi-transpartent but nothing lasts more than 3 months. We even tried Thompson's water sealer-still no luck. It is a sizeable deck and who wants to re-stain/seal 4 x's a year. Asked our local HD paint dept what should we use and were told floor and deck paint would work. That lasted a bit longer than the others but still we had to repaint much too often. Now the paint has bubbled and peels off in strips. My dad, a retired contractor, said redwood has too much oil in it to hold paint (now he tells me!) I really don't like the weathered, grey look of raw redwood are there any suggestions regarding painting the dck?