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    Default Painting Open Floor Plan

    I'd like to spice up my home by adding color to my walls. Currently they are white. The rooms that I'm not sure about how to paint are the open floor plan of my kitchen/den area. The area is divided by a half wall. The colors in my kitchen are white cabinets, tan and cream tile-like linoleum and tan countertops. I have burgundy and forest green as accessories and window treatments. The den area has a burgundy loveseat and the furniture in the space is cherry wood. I thought about a burnish orange color for the area, but I think this may overdo it because my living room will be that color and the 1/2 bath nearby is also close to that color. I considered tan, but thought that would make the kitchen area to bland and the loveseat in the den pop too much. To add, the dining room is a separate room off from the kitchen and the color there is olive green. The other entrance to the kitchen is from the foyer which I am contemplating as a ****ish tan or a lighter shade of the burnish orange color from the living room. The overall feeling that I want to get out of painting these areas is warm, friendly, and inviting. Please help! I have pictures of the areas if that would help.


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    I think you're getting to many colors. Our interior decorator told us you should only use 4 colors when decorating a house. You very it by shades or patterns of those 4 colors. But what do I know, that's why we hired an interior decorator.
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