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    Default Retexture Painted Walls

    The walls in my house are textured with a poor texture. The walls are painted with a semi gloss latex. What steps need to be taken to ensure that a skim coat will stick and support a new texture.

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    Default Re: Retexture Painted Walls

    They make a primer that you can buy at HD. You pour some in a bucket, mix it with water, and paint it on. It goes on like water. I'd mix it up fairly strong to ensure it does the job. It's a de-glosser. It should get you ready for the new surface.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Retexture Painted Walls

    If you are sure the semi-gloss is a latex, then you really
    don't need to degloss the walls, because regular full-strength
    drywall compound will stick to it just fine.

    Just be sure the surfaces you are going to skim are free of all
    grease, dirt, oil, soap and all cleaning residues (like TSP?).

    The regular joint mud I am recommending is the heavier, tougher
    version of joint compound. Don't use the lightweight for skim
    coat, except maybe the last coat (for ease of sanding). The
    full strength mud has a more substantial limestone base and
    really goes on nicely, sticks well and provides a good base
    for your final topping coat.

    If you are one of those who likes hot mud (quick-set compound),
    then I would add some plaster bonder into the water before you
    add the powder. This gives you some extra "stickability".

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