There are devices called Digital Video Recorders ( DVR ) or Hard Disk Drive recorders ( HDD ) available with digital ( ATSC ) tuners that may be considered as an alternative. The storage capacity for recording generally varies from 80 GB to 160 GB .... which means you can record anywhere from 34 to 200 hours of programs.

They came come in different configurations ..... such as .... DVD recorder with a HDD .... or ..... stand alone DVR/HDD units ..... the stand alone units tend to be cheaper.
There are a variety of different brands like Phillips , Magnavox , Sony , etc..
Apparently there's the Polaroid DRA-01601A available for around $100.

Personally, I made the switch to a DVR about 2 years ago. They function similar to VCR's although better performance.
VHS tapes around these parts .... while still available .... aren't as readily available as they once were.
Since I'm not home much I can easily record a month's worth with the DVR without needing to swap out tapes... needless to say the VCR basically is collecting dust.