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    Question getting ready for digital tv show question

    I watched your PBS show about "getting ready for Digital TV" with great interest and was hoping to post a question at your website(http://www.pbs.org/digitaltv/). While the broadcast was informative it didn't answer my particular problem about a having a vcr.

    I have Rabbit ears connected to a vcr which is connect to an analog tv since I like to record shows during the week and watch them later on my schedule. Something I imagine many others in my situation do.

    I have connected the digital tuner between the rabbit ears and the vcr as shown on the show. I have been told and have experienced, the inability to record digitally while I watch tv and if I buy a second tuner for the vcr it needs to set to the channel being recorded. This defeats the purpose setting the vcr to record for later viewing since some evenings I may record on two different stations.

    It looks like now that I need to buy a digital dvd recorder/vcr to replace my vcr or a digital tv to record on my present vcr. Since both option will cost me at least $250, I was hoping there was a cleaner, budget minded direction or that my assumptions are correct. There is nothing on any website that clearly lays out this seemingly simple connection problem.
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