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    Exclamation Well Found in Craw Space..

    As I was getting ready for our first winter in new house I decided that I should do what I could to make sure i had my crawl space ready. Crawling around in the space I found a Hole in part of a old brick I grabbed a flash light and stuck my head inside only to find a well! I do not belive that it is the well currently in use because there is a pipe capped off in the full basement that comes from crawl space area. What are the issues having this in the crawl space, I am worried that it could be a source for rats, mice, to get water,,ect...and possibaly mold..How can i keep the moisture from attacking the house..This part of the house was built in approx 1860's and the newer side is around 1910.

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    Building a house over a well is a lot more common than you may think. I'm sure you've seen movies or pictures of pitcher pumps in kitchens. I doubt it will cause any more of a moisture problem then what comes up through the soil in the crawl space. Contaminated stagnant water may be a concern. You can always lay a moisture barrier over the entire craw space.

    It should be noted that in many jurisdictions abandoned wells must be filled and must be filled in a prescribed way. Check with your local building dept.
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    Thanks Jack...I did lay the mositure barrier but the well area is behind a 3/4 wall with a large hole...I am going to continue to reasearch this also..gonna find out what the regs about the well are to..Thanks again for the imput.....

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