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    Default High Pressure, Then Low Pressure

    I've recently purchased a home that was built in 2007 and has PEX water lines in the attic. My wife complained when we moved in about the water pressure in the shower. So, I went outside and pulled out my trusty water gauge and fastened it to the hose bib nearest the water line. I was shocked when I saw the results! 85lbs!! So, I asked her to turn the shower on and then the pressure dropped down to 25lbs. What in the world could cause such a drop in pressure? The pressure gets so low that we can't run two sprinkler heads at one time. Or if someone is in the shower, you can't wash your hands at the faucet. HELP PLEASE!!

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    Default Re: High Pressure, Then Low Pressure

    If you are on city water check an see if you have a pressure reducer valve. It will probably look something like this
    If you are on a well we need to know what equipment you have.
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