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    Default Moving Heating System

    I'm buying a new house. One of our new house "wishes" was to have a basement that can be converted into a playroom. The potential house has a basement in otherwise good condition that could potentially be turned into a playroom, however the entire heating and ac systems has been placed smack in the middle of the room. It's forced air heating/cooling which will be turned into gas power soon (it's oil now), and gas hot water also. All these boilers/furnaces/air things are stuck together in the middle of the room taking up a large amount of space.

    Would it be easier/more economical to just build an addition onto the house as the playroom, or just as easy to move the entire heating/cooling system off to the side of the room?

    Thanks for any assistance!


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    Default Re: Moving Heating System

    Since you are replacing the system, talk to whoever gives you quotes. They would be in the best position to put a number to relocating the heat & a/c.
    I can't imagine building a new playroom addition would be more economical, although it could be more a pleasant space than a basement room.

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