Yet another question on walls and ceilings.
I'm basically asking what thickness of sheet rock to use on the ceilings........... considering span, weight of insulation used, etc. There are photos linked below.
I've got a new barn. 30' wide by 36' long, 14' walls in the lower level and a loft above for a wood/work shop. Cars will be below, wood and tools above. The loft is running down the middle of the upper level. It's 36' long and 15' wide down the middle. It's framed by the trusses which are spaced 24" OC.
The floor is done, it's covered in 3/4" tongue and groove plywood. The builders did that for me. I need to insulate and sheetrock the loft for a work area. I want to have some cubby-holes on the sides between the trusses for storage, shelves and closets but otherwise, cover the walls and ceiling.
I'm using 6" thick kraft backed insulation stapled to the trusses. That's a lot of weight on the top!
I've used pink foam board, 1.5" thick on the ends, then 1/2" sheetrock there, have not done the long sides or the ceiling yet.
I'm hoping for suggestions and expert advice!
Can I use 1/2" sheetrock on the 24" OC trusses? What if I use blocking, or put more 2x4's between?? Like perpendicular to the trusses??

Here's photos: