We are the new owners of a 160 year-old stone house, 4000 sq. ft., 9 ft. ceilings throughout. Due to outrageous energy bills (Oil is primary, electric baseboard in sunroom addition where we 'live' and another addition that we never use) we keep our thermostat very low (60-62, 65 in the sunroom when I can't take it anymore). My husband doesn't mind it, but I can't take it and it's only Nov. 4th. We can't afford to replace old insulation or windows (we have both old and new). I had an idea, but I know my husband won't go for it unless I have several other opinions on whether or not it will work.

Let me preface my idea with the fact that the 2 ft. stone walls tend to hold temperature in..... for example, in the summer, the first floor stays relatively cool and we only need air conditioning upstairs and in the sunroom. So I was thinking.... if we raised the heat throughout the whole house, to like 75-80 for about a day, wouldn't that heat absorb into the stone walls? I'm thinking it's kind of like raising the "core" temperature, so that it wouldn't be as hard to maintain??? It's like our "core" temperature is 60, it's going to always stay at 60 because we don't really raise it in the main part of the house, so how could I possibly get any warmth? But if is suddenly 70, maybe it will stay warmer, longer even though the thermostat is is back to 60?

Or am I completely off my rocker here?