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    Default heating an old home

    We bought an 2300 sq ft remodeled farmhouse (1845) and are looking for the most effecient way to heat. Most of the house is heated by a gas furnace. We have an oversized extra room, computer room and bathroom that are heated by electric wall heaters, (this part of the house also has no basement). We learned very quickly the expensive cost of running electric heat. We have also built a neat barn door to close off this section of the house during winter. Is it best to run more heating ducts into the other part of the house or look into a pellet/corn stove to heat the whole house? It has a pretty open floor plan. I am worried if we run more ducts, the main living area would be colder and the furnace would run a lot longer. I am worried if we look into a pellet stove, the basement would not get enough heat and the pipes will freeze. (i don't think we can put the pellet stove in the basement, but I could be wrong) Our furnace is 97% effecient and about 7 years old. How do we know which will be the most cost effective way of heating an old house?

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    Default Re: heating an old home

    If you really want to do the pellet stove keyword the same or follow the link for more info.


    If you want to run more Ductwork you can have a Contractor do that as correct sizing of the Duct is necessary. Also we don't know how many spaces or sq. footage you want to heat, if the sq. footage is excessive you may have to have a bigger main trunk run to carry the air. Which would mean a bigger return to bring it back. Then if all that doesn't give you adequate heat or you furnace runs nonstop your going to have to have a larger furnace put in.
    We don't know exactly what you want but it is best to do it right if just for you comfort. You can get an idea of the size furnace you need by doing a Load Calc., there are free ones ******. Just keyword the same.

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