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    Cool Replacing single hung, NAILED on windows in a modular home

    Built in 2001, our modular home has single hung windows, nailed on from the outside. Since there is, in effect, no window structure in the rough opening the most obvious way to replace these windows is to remove the exterior siding, remove the single hung window, and install new double hung quality windows.

    Are there any new products available which could make this window replacement project easier, especially eliminating the problem of removing some existing siding? e.g. some type of storm window insert to weatherize these windows?

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    Wink Re: Replacing single hung, NAILED on windows in a modular home

    We had a similar issue arise with double hung windows (and a single hung window earlier on) on our 1988 doublewide modular. I had replaced one window in 2005 with a vinyl "replacement" window, but also had some single hung windows. When we added on to the house, through doing some other work, we found out that none of the windows had been well flashed and most were rotting on the undersides of the sill and the frames. As a result, we found it easier to remove all of the vinyl siding on the house, add housewrap to the whole house, and use new Anderson 200 series double hung windows. It did cost a bit more (about $3K for the windows, housewrap and re-siding. However, we think we saved about $300-$400 in heating costs this year just by having good windows in the entire house and especially with the housewrap.

    Good luck.


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