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    Talking Looking for antique patterned window glass

    I have a number of windows in my house, which was built in the 1920's, with patterned window glass. Several panes are broken and I am looking for glass to replace them with. I actually found an old sample book in a glass shop that had my pattern. It was called "Snowflake". Evidently the company that manufactured it is now out of business. It is used in the Biltmore mansion in Asheville NC and I have seen it in other old houses but cannot find a source that might carry it.

    Does anyone know of a dealer that might have it?

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    Default Re: Looking for antique patterned window glass

    I suspect that you're looking for a leaded glass window and those are normally custom made. You may want to check the yellow pages or the internet for stained glass shops in your area. You could take the windows that are broken to them and quite possibly they can be repaired. I've seen it done and it comes out cheaper than buying a whole new window.

    Good Luck.

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