Dear TOH,

I have a 1920 Colonial 4-corner brick home with a porch that wraps halfway around. The fascia and soffits have rotted to the point that I have to admit my attempts to "seal the leak(s)" have obviously failed.

Admittedly, I have not touched the coating over the standing seam roof which now has a somewhat thick collection of bits-n-flakes where the covering appears to be disintegrating. I can only assume that the water has found its way beneath. I'm a bit perplexed though as to why/how the water could get through the metal roof and rot the soffit!

Can you please provide any guidance on how I should proceed. I'd like to try and repair this myself. I'm guessing I have to remove as much coating as possible, determine if there is a hole in the metal, then recoat?

I have the will... just missing the brains. Any ideas would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!


John Kochanowski
Hampton, VA