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    Unhappy rotten egg taste in water!

    We have a Sears whole house water filter system, that has worked great for the last twenty yrs. We would have to change the filter only several times a year. Starting a few yrs ago, it has become necessary to change the filter at least twice a month because of a very strong sulfur smell and taste. Not sure what changed or what we can do about it. Please Advise. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: rotten egg taste in water!

    Do you have any way of tasting water that does not go through the filter system, to rule out bad incoming water? Does your filter system have a by pass valve on it to isolate the system from the house? This might help to determine if it is the filtering system that is causing the problem. Is the problem worse in the morning after setting all night--if so it may be caused by the pipes. Is the water you are tasting from the same faucet? all faucets? from only the refrigerator door dispenser(if you have one)?

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