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    Default Vinyl vs. aluminum patio door

    I have to replace my patio door. Which type should I buy and why? I live in a part of the country with snowy, cold winters. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Vinyl vs. aluminum patio door

    Vinyl is a better product and will last longer. It's also less expensive. It will hold up to the elements just as much as aluminum.

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    Default Re: Vinyl vs. aluminum patio door

    Well, I like to use Vinyl patio door its only because, This is designed to fit on wood, fibreglass, steel and vinyl patio doors with a flat frame around the glass. And it fits on most doors with glass. Also, Easy to install requires only scissors and a hair dryer for installation.

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    Default Re: Vinyl vs. aluminum patio door

    your better off with a vinyl, you will lose more heat through an aluminum unit than you will a vinyl. the next step up from there is a fibrglass unit.

    just dont buy a cheap unit, the hardware on cheap units are low quality and operate pretty sloppy which makes the door a pain to use and maintain
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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