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    Question what is this for????

    We have a home that was built in 1972, it's a beautiful brick ranch style home. we are reduing our walls and floors in the living room and when we took the paneling down we found a hole in the wall! Its was made with the original house, it stands about 3 1/2 feet tall and about 2 feet wide, but why? what was it used for? there are no nail holes or marks to indicate anything being hung or any shelves, so whats it for? please help me figure out why there is a hole in the wall!

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    Default Re: what is this for????

    possibly was once a window there. if inside wall maybe was a pass through. what on the other side? could have been a counter or a bar maybe.

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    Default Re: what is this for????

    ok, I'll take a stab - not much to go on - sounds like the 'hole' starts at the floor line and goes to about chair rail height and is 2' in width?

    I'm going to say it was for a console TV. Most console have a picture tube that sticks out the back 4"-5" - they probably wanted the console to be close to the wall so they would have a big gap.

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