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    Default Recycling old window sash weights

    I recently replaced some old sash windows and ended up with several sash weights. Instead of tossing them in the landfill, I use them as tarp weights for my boat. I put a golf ball inside the tarp and wrap a piece of twine or wire to hold it in place. Then I attach the sash weight. Works great, even in strong winds.
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    Default Re: Recycling old window sash weights

    Good idea!

    There are other avenues for disposal of unwanted weights as well, such as architectural salvage yards and scrap metal recyclers. In most cases, your limitations are only limited by your imagination. Kudo's on your use as tarp weights.
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    Default Re: Recycling old window sash weights

    i just read this post. I am also having the same problem, the good thing is I had my neighbor taught me about recycling.

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    Default Re: Recycling old window sash weights

    HI got about 75 of these old weights an do not want to have to have them scrapped was thinking of making a killer wind chime but the Clang would be like bang Bang .....

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