My wife and I bought this old farmhouse a year ago. Its our first house and love it, but we with two sons and hopefully more to come, we are running out of bedrooms. We have a full basement, but its wet, much worse when the weather is wet outside, but always wet. Of course, I cannot finish the basement in this state. We have a sump pump, at least. It appears to be a poured cement floor and walls over, I think, the original stone foundation. The walls weep water in a few spots, but worse yet, the floors seep water continuously. It seems to come primarily from under the floor beam supports. The water is a dark black, as if the water is muddy? Not sure if or should I move the beams safely with the help of floor jacks so I can ascertain the problem and use a cement sealer compound and/or new cement. But also unsure how I'd seal a floor if its still wet? I'm also hoping to reduce the radon level if I seal the floor and walls. Any help would be appreciated.
I've read alot about this problem before now and know that looking into the perimeter drainage would be a good idea, but I'm not sure how I'd do that. Three sides of the house are surrounded by a wrap around porch and the one side that the driveway is on is paved and doesn't seem to be draining toward the house. The other side of the house slopes away from the house, so I'm not sure how/ where the water is coming from. Then again, the water table seems to be pretty high around here. Thanks again for any help, guys.