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    Default Re-Tile bathroom floor

    This may have been answered already or this may be the wrong forum, if so I am sorry.

    I have an older home (about 100 years old). The bathroom floor is concrete or cement about 3 - 4 inches thick. It has small octagon shaped marble tiles on the top which are impossible to remove.

    Question, does anyone know how to remove these tiles? If not, can I re-tile over the top of them? They seem pretty smooth and I am concerned about adhesion of the mastic.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Smile Re: Re-Tile bathroom floor

    I would visit a company like Imperial Tile & Stone in California or if you can't go. just visit or call to www.imptile.com.

    to answer your question, you can install over the exsisting tile just use a thinset that has acrylic mixed in. Also it all depends on the height you need aswell.

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