Well, I just bought my house last May and was happy to get it for a pretty good deal because it had quite a bit of, shall we say... "deferred maintenance". It had been lived in by an old woman who still enjoyed her mirror and **** flecked wall tiles and dark wood panelled living room, if you get my drift. Anyway, now that i've remodeled and upgraded to the tune of about $50,000 MORE than i'd originally planned, you could say i'm about out of money! (The house looks fantastic!! )

THE PROBLEM: The house is on a corner and the block wall that runs between the side of the house and the sidewalk has been pushed up by the city's ficus tree roots and is literally separating itself from it's perpendicular side (the part where the side gate is.) The blocks now have a zig-zag shaped gap of about 1" between them all the way from top to bottom! The whole wall is leaning toward the sidewalk and I'm afraid it will fall on somebody if I don't do something. So - IS THERE A WAY TO ANCHOR THE WALL FROM MY SIDE (THE YARD SIDE) SO THAT IT WON'T TOPPLE ONTO THE SIDEWALK UNTIL I CAN AFFORD TO TEAR IT DOWN AND REPLACE IT??

Perhaps bolts thru and cable to stakes into the yard? or maybe... pushing it back up with a backhoe and driving rebar down from the top? or filling the gaps with new mortar?? I don't know... Anybody have any good ideas? Thanks!