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Thread: Peach Tree Care

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    Hi again - I have peach tree that my father gave me and I planted it. It is quite small about 30" tall. I planted it on the north side of house so it gets afternoon sun and stays in the shade in the morning. I watered it throughout the summer as I do everyday. I noticed that the leaves started to develop like a colored brown, possibly a fungus and that holes started to develop on the leaves like bugs were eating them. I never noticed any bugs on them when I would inspect. Know all the leaves have fallen off, should I cover this tree or leave at is? Also is there any type of fungus control I can put on it as I would like to eat the fruit if at it bears any.


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    Keep the tree well mulched throughout the year (4" deep, not against the trunk). For fungal control, rake and dispose of all leaves. You can apply Bourdeaux mixture several times in the spring (it's organic so you can still eat your fruit with no worries).

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    Also during the winter when the temps are above freezing spray the tree with lime sulfer. It kills overwintering fungus spores and some insects.

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