Hello all - I have a fig tree in my yard that is about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide and I need advice as to how to cover it for the winter. I live in upper Westchester, NY and it gets quite cold here in the winter. I keep reading about the many ways of how to cover it. Some say to cover it in Burlap, brown paper & tar paper, some say in plastic. What is the proper way of covering this tree??? Last year I covered it in leaves & a dark plastic, sealed the bottom and top then I topped it off with a pail. When i opened in the spring, it had mold & funus all over it so I cut it down and it grew back even larger but the fruit didn't fully mature before the frost. Did I suffocate it, Should I have left it open on the top & bottom so it can breath? Please help me save this tree so I can have fruit next year.