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    Default Lengthening Downspouts

    In the article 12 Easy DIY Fall Fixups they recommend lengthening downspouts. I am interested in using this to control a drainage issue that becomes a problem in the winter when my current downspout drains into my driveway and then freezes.

    My question is how do you prevent this from clogging with leaves and other debris?

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    Default Re: Lengthening Downspouts

    There are two reasons that downspouts clog, one is that the gutters are not kept clean, the second is that most production gutters are made from a single piece of conduit that is notched and bent. This method, while an attractive downspout, is a very poor means of making elbows as it reduces the inside dimension of the downspout by as much as half, giving leaves and debris the perfect place to lodge and cause clogs.

    The best means of prevention is to keep the gutters clear, or at least use screens in the top of the downspout inside the gutter. The clog will take place at the screen rather than inside the conduit.

    Secondly, replace bent conduit joints with formed elbow joints. Formed elbows are a full dimension inside, preventing a place for clogs. I also like to use a little steeper angles so that the water flow has more force when traveling through the conduit.

    To extend the downspouts away from the house, you can add a length of conduit, or an elbow and conduit to direct it elsewhere. Another option would be to use corrugated drain line (solid, no perf holes ) which can be easily routed around bushes and such. You can periodically take the extension off and flush it out to keep it clear.
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    Default Re: Lengthening Downspouts

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