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    Default Bathroom Lighting

    We are planning on installing new lighting in our only bathroom, and I am hoping for some advice.

    The only sources of light in our small bathroom are a small window and a wall light, which is currently centered above the mirror above the sink. Ive attached a rough sketch showing the layout.

    What are the pros and cons of changing the light to 2 sconces on the sides of the mirror?

    I think side sconces cast a more flattering light, but I'm concerned that they will not be sufficient to make the whole bathroom bright.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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    Default Re: Bathroom Lighting

    Your drawing is not to scale, we cannot possibly offer assistance.

    Whether you replace the existing fixture with a multi-bulb unit or switch to sconces or a combination of the two, all will work fine. Deadshort has good advice as to where and how to choose lighting.

    Another factor in changing the lighting to the sides of the mirror is the possibility of plumbing vents being in the way, not likely, but something to keep in mind. A quick inspection of the wall from the attic will tell you.
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    Default Re: Bathroom Lighting

    Look throughout the lighting store/department, not just the vanity-bathroom section. Those are almost exclusively wall-based. Consider the style of your bathroom and look at other types of fixtures not traditionally associated with a bath. For example, I've had clients put chandeliers in formal baths.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Lighting

    There is 'task' lighting and general lighting.

    The sconces will give you task lighting at the vanity for putting on makeup (sconces are very good for this) and using the vanity in general.

    Overhead lighting either can/pot lights or ceiling mount or a chandelier will give you general room lighting which is good for using the potty, cleaning, and showering. You can also dimmer the general room lighting to act as a night light.

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    Default Re: Bathroom Lighting

    Install a ceiling light/fan combo unit. That will knock out two birds with one stone. The first switch your hand reaches for when entering the bathroom should be general lighting.

    Your sconce lights bordering the mirror (your task lighting) should be switched at the sink.

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