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    Default Removing Stained Glass

    I got replacement windows and would like to save the stained glass from my old windows. How do I remove the stained glass from the window pane?

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    Default Re: Removing Stained Glass

    To get the stained glass out of the frame, you'll have to dig out the glazing compound around the edges, that holds the window in the frame. You can use a number of hand tools, ranging from a screw driver to a chisel. You could take a look at some of the Dremel type tools that may make the job quicker and easier.

    Once you get the glazing compound out of the outside side of the window, you'll have to make sure there isn't a coat of paint on the inside, that will also hold the glass to the frame. You'll need to cut through that bond too, using sharp tools like knives, paint sc****r tools, chisels, etc. There's not a sophisticated way to accomplish this job. Just elbow grease and a certain amount of care not to break the old glass.

    Good Luck.
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