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    Default Kitchen Cabinet Mouting Screws?

    Continuing on with our slow kitchen remodel.... What type of screws do I need for installing the kitchen cabinets? The cabinets are all wood construction -- no MDF/no particle board - all wood. And, since we took the room down to the studs, we added 2x4 blocking within the walls so we would be able to mount the cabinets easily. The 2x4 blocking is at the top and bottom of where the cabinets will be installed. The cabinets are white painted cabinets, and since I live in humid Florida, I think I would like stainless steel screws, so there is no chance of rust 10 years from now. So, what type of screws? What length? What type of heads? Wood screws? Thanks so much for any suggestions.


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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinet Mouting Screws?

    Cabinet installers will use cabinet screws like this ....

    ..... the longer the better.
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